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Issue 114

Issue 114

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  • Deflategate and the NFL
    By The Crazy Sports Blackbelt I love hearing words like “morality” and “ethics” and “integrity” being tossed around about a league that makes multi-billions, that turned a blind eye to their employees beating their wives for decades, that does nothing about starving children AND doesn’t pay taxes… Deflated balls… THAT’S the integrity problem with the […]
  • Untitled
    This bartender is in a bar, when this really hot chick walks up and says in a sexy seductive voice, “May I please speak to your manager?” He says, “Not right now, is there anything I can help you with?” She replies, “I don’t know if your the man to talk to…its kind of personal…” […]
  • Miss me Yet?
      The Bikini (barely covered) butt
  • Those Damn Cops!



Super Bowl XLIX
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