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Apercrombie & Chimp Launches in Boston

SweetShirtApercrombie & Chimp the new T Shirt and Apparel brand by University Outfitters officially launched last week in Boston. They are small, new, and learning on the job but their goal is to bring fresh new thought provoking designs that will make you look great, feel great, and laugh at the same time. They are initially launching logo wear and ape themed Che “Viva La Evolucion” designs and are working on new offerings for release later in February.

Apercrombie and Chimp initially launched through a crowd source model to test their designs and interest in their products and so far have gotten a tremendous response. Their second and final crowd source offering ends next Wednesday and they will be moving to a direct ArmyCheweb retail model that will allow direct shipping upon order. They’re using only the highest quality materials that will last for years and are currently offering T Shirts, sweatshirts, and crewnecks in a great variety of designs and colors.

Most importantly to them, Apercrombie & Chimp believes in Inclusivity and that is reflected in their motto, and philosophy–“We Love Everybody”. There has been a media uproar recently over a high profile clothing brand CEO who publicly stated that he didn’t want large people shopping in his stores and that people who wear his clothing should feel like they are one of the “Cool Kids”. Well Apercrombie and Chimp believes everyone is special. In fact on their blog they state “Tall, short, big, little, gay, straight, large, small, any race, any color, any creed – you’re all perfect to us”. Either way they have great looking clothes and fresh new designs and I’m sure WhiteLogowe’ll be hearing a lot more about them. Check them out and support their efforts at

Check them out and support their efforts at or Like them on Facebook at

By the way– “XXL” – Yeah they’ve got that!WebAd

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    What about 4 XLT Sizes?

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