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Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours

IMG_1071-1There is a bit of controversy on another article on DWN called GOTHAM CITY CASTING CALL. There were some haters, disrespecting the folks over at RRE Productions, Baer Budget Films, and F & F Video Productions. As a curious guy, and an amateur actor I went to the casting call to see what all the fuss is about. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few hundred people show up on a cold Saturday to audition for the various parts available. People of all shapes and sizes showed up. All eager to show off their craft and go for their favorite role. There was even a guy there dressed as the Joker doing splits and jumping around, it was great!

At this point, I would have to say to the cowardly anonymous person playing the role of “cyber troll” was COMPLETELY off base with his silly and sad comments. But, enough of the haters.

I grabbed my release, my sign-up form and my lines. I was ready to go! I sat down and studied my lines before my turn and I got to talking with my fellow actors. There were people from all over New England, New York and as far away as Pennsylvania! There were great people having a great time here. I practiced lines with people as we waited in line.

Once my turn came up, I went in to meet the crew in charge. They were friendly and professional. They gave me a run down of what

Tom Mariano (executive producer) Ramsey had dark curly hair (Writer, Director), Julian Lowenthal had red hair and red shirt (Producer) the young kid with baseball cap is Mike Facchini (he plays black mask) Gianna Mariano is toms daughter and she handled all checkins today. (She had her little self in serious charge)

Tom Mariano (executive producer), Ramsey (Writer, Director), Julian Lowenthal (Producer) Back Left – Lisa Wynn (Associate Producer) Back Right – Mike Facchini (he plays black mask) Gianna Mariano is toms daughter and she handled all check-ins. (She had her little self in serious charge)

they were looking for and what they expected of me. I won’t go into my actual audition, but I will say that I had no regrets.

I would like to thank all of the people involved with the casting call. I had a great time and look forward to see what these guys come up with! A fan film is a great tribute to the DC Comics world.

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  1. Nice job Dave…

  2. Thank you for the piece and coming out for the audition :)

  3. I saw a trailer for a “fictitious” Wonder Woman movie.

    The footage was amazing, therefore all of this hate against smaller production houses is totally unfounded.

  4. Casting call was not organized. Got there at 12:30PM. Wasted my time waiting for 4 hours in line for a 2 minute audition. The 15 minute lunch break threw off the tracks.

  5. #1 Blog of the day – nice job Dave…

  6. Well JML welcome to the world of auditions. I think it is a little unfair to say the casting crew couldn’t take a break to have lunch. For me I had GREAT time and I have been on over 100 auditions as were all have. Sometime you wait long sometimes you don’t. I do have to say 250 people showed up for the auditions was the last number posted. I had great time in line and had great time meeting the casting crew. JML all u do by saying what you are saying is just getting a bad name for yourself, This a small little world in Boston for acting. So I guess if you got a part on the movie set you would then say hey this day is to long or my scene is to short?

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