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disquiet 1   They like to call their music Art Rock. The definition of Art Rock according to Jonas Boinay the front man of the band Disquiet, “Art Rock is music that makes you think”. Writing music for Jonas is not just for listening to the melodys and the lyrics but also to open up minds and leave the audience with something to think about. Music can trigger a variety of emotions. Songs we listen to can bring joy or sadness. They can motivate us, relax us or put us in different moods. When

an artist masters the art of imagery by sound they can take us places we have never been before or make us feel the way we did when we were with that someone special. A song can remind us of a lost one and bring tears to our eyes.

disquiet 5Jonas was brought up in a musical family, heavily influenced by their father. He was taught that music is a way to express your self and share you thoughts. Music is something Jonas can share with others.

When Jonas formed his first band called Sliver. A trio with two of his best friends. They recorded their first CD and shortly afterword they split up and went their own way. Not satisfied with solo gigs and trying to record all tracks by himself, Jonas found he was missing the chemistry he once shared with other band members. So he decided to muster up a trio in order bring back the chemistry he needed to make music. There was no instant gratification. Like in the past just as things were coming together a band member would have to relocate. Making it impossible to keep the band together. Jonas knew he had to do what ever it would take to keep his dream alive. He would not let anything stand in his way. When looking for replacements, he spread the word every which way he could. Through friends, family and with the help of social media. He now has formed a trio with the chemistry he was longing for all along.

disquiet 3When Dirceu Di Rossi Pereira’s friend Laura heard Disquiet was about to lose their drummer, she approached Jonas and told him all about how great a drummer Dirceu was and that he would be a perfect fit for his band. The funny part is that she had never heard him play the drums at all. All she knew was that he told her that he was a drummer. Jonas agreed to meet with him and they hit it off rite away. Dirceu originally was a keyboard player. When a friend of his father volunteered to give him free drum lessons, he decided to take up the drums. As a youngster growing up in Brazil he learned to play jazz drums to the likeness of Jean Cooper and Buddy Rich. Dirceu’s smooth jazz arithmetic drumming and masterful drum solos had something more to give Disquiet. His unique sound was just what Jonas was looking for.

disquiet 4 Derek Juliano who learned to play the guitar when he was 13 years old has been performing in the New England area for some time. In rock bands such as Black Light Conspiracy and Xen, where he achieved his grungy hard edge sound. He also formed a band called Save Pluto that was a product made up of rock and reggae fusion. His high strung personality brings a wealth of energy to the stage that the other band members feed off.

Derek found out about an opening for a guitarist in Disquiet by a post on Facebook while waiting in line for tickets to a rock concert. He went home and listened to “Star” from Disquiet’s debut CD titled April Distance. By the end of the first chorus he was sold and immediately contacted Jonas. It’s pretty obvious, we all know how that worked out.

For Jonas forming the band Disquiet has been like the journey to middle earth. Picking up friends along the way who have great talents of their own. Bonding and become one as a band. And now the next stage of the journey has only just begun.

Disquiet has gone on to play at venues such as T.T. The Bears, Middle East Café, Brighton Music Hall and Paradise Rock Club in and around the Boston area. The Ruins and Dusk in Rhoad Island and in New York City at the Mercury Lounge. On May 10th of 2013 Disquiet headlined at the Hard Rock Café in Boston, Massachusetts. Indeed it was a great performance. Their chemistry fueled the energy on stage and spilled out into the audience. Delivering a well-rounded play list of original songs, along with a great U2 cover and a deeply emotional song about a friend who is no longer with us. They certainly gave people something to think about.

disquiet 2Disquiet now looks forward to getting into the studio to record their next CD. The next scheduled event for Disquiet will be at Berkshirestock II on August 3rd and 4th of 2013 at the Eastover Hotel and Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts. You can also follow Disquiet on Facebook, and please do check out their web site at

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