Today in Massachusetts we celebrate the sacrifices that our ancestors made so that we can live in a free society and be able to share information and ideas without any government interference (read the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

Unfortunately, nearly 250 years later we live in a society where many people post fake news online constantly and accept it as fact, where TMZ has become a semi-reliable news source (if you consider what they post is actually newsworthy) and where click-bait and slideshows are used to generate revenue for shady web sites and in some cases for legitimate ones as well. This is not what the internet was intended for! It’s original use was a forum to exchange ideas and knowledge, not satisfy the inane craving some people have to see Kim Kardashian’s butt. It’s okay to be informed and entertained but in many cases it’s not entertainment and actual information that people are accessing. STOP IT!

The reality show concept has now infected mainstream society too thanks to social media. It started on MySpace, followed by Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram and now it’s extremely prevalent on SnapChat. There are many that think their SnapChat accounts are there to broadcast their own personal reality show. Everyday I see people (mostly females) use their accounts to show insipid footage of their private lives. STOP IT! Do you not see how completely ignorant this is from a safety perspective alone? There are TONS of creeps out there and you’re giving them almost all the information needed for them to go from creep to predator or, God forbid, murderer. Are you that much of a narcissist that you’re willing to put your life in danger?

Likes and numbers of views mean practically nothing when most of them are comprised of horny dudes that get-off on seeing vapid, half-naked females bare their bottoms (for free I might add) just so they can feed off the attention. STOP IT! If you want that kind of attention then please go to your local strip club and get a job dancing there. At least you’ll make some money and quite honestly might be better protected as no one will know your real name or any other bit of private information.

The internet has been in wild, wild west mode for way too long. I’ve been creating web sites and using the internet in it’s current iteration for 20 years now. Before that there was Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL. I can even go back to using dial-up modems to access Control Data’s servers back in the early 70’s using teletypes. I’ve seen it all.

You’ve been given an amazing gift people. The instant sharing of knowledge, entertainment and culture using powerful and robust handheld devices that are truly remarkable. Go to YouTube and discover some new musical talent. Explore a foreign land that you’ve always wanted to see by visiting the Travel Channel’s web site. Stream a creative video from Funny 0r Die. Go to the Associated Press’ web site to get the least politically or advertiser influenced news there is out there. Be informed, be entertained, be productive, but most of all, DON’T BE STUPID!

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