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Apel beats and Greg Rosen from Swift Technique

Apel beats and Greg Rosen from Swift Technique

        This weekend, ended up being a little crazier than most and I wasn’t even in the city. I was kidnapped by a crew of crazy misfits on their way to Providence, Rhode Island in an attempt to find some funkadelic beats. We ventured down to The Spot Underground for two nights of pure eargasmic groove. At first glance The Spot Underground doesn’t actually look like a club, but rather more like two spacious rooms filled with organic local art, comfortable couches, a warm fireplace and even a face-painter. There are beanbags and couches spread throughout the club that are always being utilized by either a group of friends or a romantic couple. There is no bottle service or table fee’s so it’s totally free to lounge around. The venue is basically two rooms each with a bar and a stage for the local bands and talent to perform. Friday was the first night at The Spot and Apel Beats and Goosepimp Orchestra were lined up to fill the place with some super killer vibes, I couldn’t have been more excited. When we first arrived I was overwhelmed by the sounds of an electric guitar that soon blurred into a more digital sound. This funky instrumental beat was consuming the crowd like a spell that had everyone getting down. Some of Apel Beats songs include Apelicious, Hoedown, and All Lit Up. It was impossible not to get into his style of mixing. With his hybrid production of tri-hop beats and on point guitar breakdowns, how can you go wrong?

        The next sound of pure psychedelic funk that got me into a dancing frenzy was by the band Goosepimp Orchestra and as their name implies they were anything but ordinary. You can find these guys jamming throughout the east coast and tearing up festivals such as Wormtown, The Rock and Roll Resort, and Bella Terra.

Christopher Belden of Goosepimp Orchestra

Christopher Belden of Goosepimp Orchestra

With balanced elements from each end of the musical spectrum it seemed like this band could jam forever. Part funk, part Latin fusion, and filled with psychedelic brain farts, they delivered plenty of friendly beats that can please any crowd. With music people want a chance to get lost, find another world or just leave theirs for the time being. Regardless, Goosepimp will be your guiding light to wherever you want to go. This may sound like a bold statement, but this band is a game changer and I stand by that. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them. They will be traveling all over the east coast but will be bringing their talents to Boston on March 21st at Church of Boston in Cambridge.

Swift Technique

Swift Technique

For our second night, the club threw down with The Funky Dawgz Brass Band and Swift Technique. There was so much brass in that building I felt like I was down south doing the dirty at Mardi Gras. The Funky Dawgz ensemble work to promote New Orleans culture through their musical performances. Straight from UCONN, this band travels a lot between Connecticut and Boston so keep a look out for their vibrant jazz jam sessions. Last but certainly not least was a band from Philly called Swift Technique. They were a style of straight soul music with influences of funk and piercing horns. This is definitely an “up and coming” band with an even more “up and coming” style. They were just nominated by Tri-State Indie as Funk Band of the year (big ups my peeps). The newest member of the family, Chelsea Viacava, has a voice with the power to move you inward. Her smoky, distinct melody meshes perfectly with her three groovy horns men. They put on a great act as well, really engulfing themselves in the music. At one point some of the members were actually laying on the ground just jamming out. This is a serious groove and move band that will be playing around Boston in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

Overall, The Spot Underground was chill, the music was funky, and the people were a family. This place has so much love and talent exploding from it that I suggest you get kidnapped and take a mental break from the norm to check it out. This coming weekend they are hosting some out of control shows featuring Watermelon, Rat Ruckus, Elephant, and my personal favorite, Resin ED—amazing. So stop listening to your brain and give your ears what they really want, a full on eargasm of funk.

Photo Credit:Fabien Rousselot

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  1. Dan leinhart // February 10, 2014 at 4:10 pm //

    TRAILS was the real highlight of that night lol, your a dillusional and unimpressive journalist if you missed those guys…you should be ashamed of yourself lol another journalist learns how to cover story’s from “Dora the explorer” good job dude

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